Password Reset

Password Reset

It is possible to reset your CustomShow account's password.

  • Forgot Password?
  • Changing Password for security purposes?
This feature allows the user to reset their password to a new desired password. Please keep in mind that it is possible to reset the current password to the same password as previously used by the user.

Client Password Policy

Depending on the settings applied to your CustomShow group, security settings may vary from what is shown below. Please consult your CustomShow Administration team or contact for assistance as needed.

How to Reset a Password:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on Password Help

  3. Enter E-Mail Address for the specified user account
    • Please Note: Entering an E-Mail in the E-Mail Field when prompted to log in will fill in this field as well
  4. Click OK when entered E-Mail is correct

  5. Click OK 

  6. Check E-Mail for automated message from
  7. Click the link provided

  8. Enter desired password twice

  9. Click Submit
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