Copying Presentations: Library Presentations

Many Libraries in CustomShow contain presentations created for general usage across all CustomShow users.

However, presentations that are part of a Library cannot be edited by CustomShow users. Only Administrators can edit these presentations directly.

To work with a presentation from a Library, users must create a personal copy of either the presentation or the presentation's slides.

  • Please note, making a personal copy of a presentation will remove all automatic updates from the copy. Keep this in mind when working with content that is still being designed.

To create a personal copy of a presentation, first locate the presentation in your Library.

Next, select the presentation and right-click. Click Copy '[presentation name here]'.

Then, click on My Presentations.

Finally, right-click on any empty space and click Paste '[presentation name here]'. You can also paste a presentation directly into a folder or sub-folder. Clicking on the Edit: Paste menu option will also paste the personal copy.

CustomShow will then copy the presentation into the desired location. This copy will be owned by the person who created the copy, allowing them to make edits and changes if needed.

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