Media Library: Editing Video Poster Frames

Every video imported into CustomShow uses a Poster Frame.

A Poster Frame is the still image used when working with the video itself before beginning playback.

  • By default, Poster Frames are creating using the frame at the half-way (50%) mark of each video.

Videos can be configured to use any part of the video as its Poster Frame.

To set a Poster Frame, first navigate to the Media Library.

  • The Media Library is found in the Library Console, and is accessed by clicking on the (+) button on the far-right side of the CustomShow window.

Locate the video to set the Poster Frame for.

Click on the video, then click on Edit Poster Frame.

  • It is recommend to click on the Play button and wait for the video to load completely before setting a Poster Frame. A video must play up to the point for the selected frame. 

Click and drag the slider in the playback control to locate a suitable Poster Frame.

Click on Set Poster Frame to set the video's new Poster Frame.


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