Media Library: Update Content

The CustomShow Media Library allows users to organize and reuse media anytime they login to the application.

Administrators for CustomShow Libraries have many additional options available to them, including the ability to Update Content so that media is updated across the application and across all associated presentations.

An Administrator can find this option in the Media Library found in the Library Console. This option is only available for media that is already added to their Library.

  • This option cannot be used on resources that are found in the My Resources folder.

Update Content allows an Administrator to replace a media resource with another selected supported resource. The resource will be selected from the user's system, and will immediately replace all instances of the media resource for all users throughout the entire CustomShow application.

This feature is best used when working with revisions to images and movies, though there are many instances where this feature is applicable.

Please note that this operation is not undoable.

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