Library Presentation & Slide Icons

CustomShow slides and presentations found in the Library Console may display icons as indicators to inform users about the status of the slides and presentations.

libr.png Library

This icon indicates that the presentation or slide is a reference to content found in the Presentation Library.

Library content is subject to change, as Library slides will be automatically updated when the Library is edited directly by a CustomShow Administrator.

editable.png Editable

This icon indicates that the content is editable.

Presentations and slides that are owned by a user are always editable, while other content must be granted Edit level permissions or the user must create a copy to create an editable version.

unpubhish.png Unpublished

This icon indicates that there are currently unpublished changes in the presentation or slide.

Unpublished changes are seen when associated with Library slides that have changes made by an Administrator. This icon is only visible if a Library slide has been copied by a regular user and is in use in a personal presentation.

Additionally, CustomShow Administrators will see this icon appear for any Library slides that have not yet been published.

This icon will be removed after the presentation in question is Published:

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