About the Library

The Library Console contains all presentations and media content that has been created or imported by each user.

Users are able to view, create, edit, and share their personalized content with other CustomShow users at any time.

The Library Console also contains presentations and media that have been added to a company's centralized Library, allowing easy access to templates, company-wide presentations, and much more.

The Library Console is divided into several sections to allow for navigation and editing capabilities.



Presentation Folders

By default, the My Presentations folder will be selected when entering the Library Console.

This is the location where all user-created presentations will be stored. Every user has their own unique folder for presentation storage.

Recent Presentations displays a given number of presentations that have been opened in order of the time each presentation had been opened.

Shared Presentations displays any presentations that have been shared to your CustomShow account by another CustomShow user.

Finally, every user group has a Library where Administrator-managed content can be located, viewed, and copied.

  • In the screenshot above, the Library appears as CustomShow. Every user group is unique, and will have their own unique Library.



Presentation Navigator

The Presentation Navigator is used to view and navigate to content in the selected folder.

Content in the Navigator can be viewed in the List or Icon view, and these views can be changed at any time by clicking on the respective icon in the top-right corner of the Navigator.

Double-clicking on a presentation or folder will open the content to be previewed.

Previewing a presentation is ideal for dragging and dropping slides into personal presentations.

  • Additional tabs can be created in the navigator to allow users to view multiple presentations or folders. To create a new tab, click on the [+] icon next to the tabs at the top of the Navigator.



Inspector Panel

The Inspector Panel displays information for the selected presentation, folder, or slide currently being viewed in the Presentation Navigator.

This panel displays the name of the content, creation data, last modified date, the account name of the content owner, and the level of granted permissions for the content.



Presentation Editor

The Presentation Editor panel displays presentation content that has been Opened via the Presentation Navigator or from the Editor Console.

Presentations that have been opened in the Presentation Editor can be edited prior to making further changes in the Editor Console.

Slides can be moved, copied, pasted, renamed, and duplicated in this panel.

Multiple presentations can be opened in the Presentation Editor, and each additional presentation will create a new tab. Users can close a presentation at any time by clicking on the Red X icon next to each presentation tab.

  • Double-clicking on a slide in the Presentation Editor will open the content in the Editor Console.



Properties Panel

The Properties Panel will display information for any selected presentation or slide that has been opened in the Presentation Editor panel.

Information found in this view includes the amount of slides in the presentation, the name of the presentation, the slide dimensions set for the presentation, and even more additional information when viewing individual slide properties.



Media Panel

The Media Panel in CustomShow, located on the far right side of the Library Console, can be expanded to view content in the Media Library.

Clicking on the (+) icon above Media will expand the Media Library and change the Library Console's view.

  • For more information on the Media Library please see About the Media Library.
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