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CustomShow Administrators are able to populate content in their organization's Presentation and Media Libraries.

The Library displays content that is accessible to all users. While Administrators are the only users who can directly edit presentations and media found in the Library, regular users can create copies of presentations or presentation slides to work with in.

When using this function, the presentation or resource selected will be moved into the Library.

A copy of the presentation or resource is not created. Please exercise caution when planning on deleting or copying the presentation or resource to be added to the Library.

To use the Add to Library function, Open a presentation in CustomShow. The presentation must be open for editing.

Then, click on the Add to Library button in CustomShow's top menu bar.

A prompt will be displayed, asking for the destination of the presentation.

Click on the dropdown list to select a Library destination.

Then, as prompted, use the folder browser to locate the destination folder for the presentation.

Clicking on the Arrows next to any folder will expand the list and display any accessible sub-folders.

Click on Add.

  • Many organizations have access to only one Library. However, some configurations of CustomShow have additional Libraries which can be selected in the drop-down menu provided.
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