Presentation Properties

While in the Editor Console, users can modify several attributes that apply to the entirety of the current presentation.

To view these attributes, click on the Presentation tab in the Properties Panel at any time.

This tab will display the following:

  • Presentation Name
    • Editable field, click to edit.
    • Presentation Name label. Edits will affect appearance of presentation name across CustomShow.
  • Total Slides
    • Total number of slides contained in the presentation.
    • Will update accordingly as slides are added and removed.
  • Presentation Slide Size
    • Default Slide dimensions.
    • Applies to any new slides added.
    • Property applied on creation of presentation. This value cannot be changed.
  • Created Date
    • Presentation creation date and time.
  • Last Modified Date
    • Presentation last modified date and time.
  • Access
    • Expandable panel, contains Owner account, permissions level, and the Share button.
    • Share button displays the Share dialog. Identical to the Share option in the Library Console.
  • Default Fill
    • Expandable panel, contains color picker and presets.
    • Changing this color value will alter the background color, affecting the current slide and subsequent new slides added to the presentation.
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