Slide Properties

Presentation slide properties can be viewed and modified while in CustomShow's Editor Console. To access these properties, click on the Slide tab at the top of the Properties Panel.

In this tab, users can view and, when appropriate, change the following properties:

  • Slide Name
    • Editable field.
    • Empty by default (Displays as Title).
    • Will affect the name of the slide throughout CustomShow.
  • Slide Position
    • Slide position indicator within the presentation.
  • Slide Content Count
    • Total amount of elements on the current slide.
  • Slide Size
    • Width and Height dimensions of the current slide.
  • Slide Creation Date
    • Slide Creation Date and Time.
  • Slide Last Modified Date
    • Last Modified Date and Time.
  • Access Panel
    • Contains information on the Owner account and the current level of permissions on the slide.
  • Return to Previous
    • Disabled by default.

Enabling this option will return a viewer to the previous slide.
This is a useful option to use in conjunction with Hyperlinks.

  • Slide Background Fill
    • Slide Background Fill color and selectable color picker.
    • Changing this color will affect only the current slide.
  • Transition
    • Selectable drop-down containing transition options.
    • Applies to only the selected slide.
    • For information on Transitions and their effects, please see Slide Properties: Transitions.
  • Slide Element List
    • Selectable list of slide elements.
    • Multi-Selection enabled.
    • Selecting elements in this list will select the respective element on the slide for editing purposes.
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