Builds and Animations

Elements can be animated in the Editor Console by selecting the Build tab in the Properties Panel.

Any element can have a build applied to it. To begin configuring an animation, select your element and then click on either BuildIn or BuildOut.

  • BuildIn - Animates element into slide canvas.
  • BuildOut - Animates element out of the slide canvas.

Then, simply change the options in the menu to set up the animations as needed.

The Build Tab contains the following options:


  • Drop-down menu containing the available builds.
  • Must be selected to enable additional options.
  • Build options include:
    • Fade
    • Move
    • Rotate
    • Cartwheel
    • Blur
    • Zoom
    • Wipe
    • Glow
    • Bounce In and Out


  • Drop-down menu containing available ordering options.
  • Order values are added for each additional build.
  • Changing the value of Order will change the order of all other builds.


  • Editable value to set the amount of time a build plays from beginning to end
  • Accepts decimal values between 0.0 and 5.0


  • Editable value to set the amount of time to delay between one build and the current build before beginning the animation.
  • Accepts decimal values between 0.0 and 20.0


  • Drop-down menu containing available Start options.
  • By default, two options are available:
    • On Click
      • Animation begins on mouse click/advance.
    • Auto After Slide Transition
      • Animation begins after the slide transition completes.
  • When selecting a build that is at Order 2 or greater, a third option is made available:
    • With Previous
      • Animation begins at the same time as the previous animation.



Under the Parameters section, there are additional options that will display depending on the type of Build that has been selected. Many of these options are exclusive to a single type of Build.

These options are as follows:

Alpha From

  • Fade only.
  • Can be 0 or 1.

Alpha To

  • Fade only.
  • Can be 0 or 1.


  • Selectable options that dictate the slowdown/easing of an animation as it ends.
  • Many of these options vary in their effectiveness depending on the build used.


  • Selectable options that dictate the direction that an animation begins and ends.
  • Options vary depending on the build used.


  • Rotate only.
  • Checkbox that can be enabled or disabled. Disabled will rotate element counter clockwise.


  • Determines the amount of rotations that occur for the entire animation.
  • Accepts values between 1 and 10.


  • Glow only.
  • Color picker to select the color of the glow animation.


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