Editor Tools: Textbox Bullet and Numbered Lists

For more information on basic Text Properties, please see the Editor Tools: Textbox article.

Textboxes in CustomShow can contain customized Bullet and Numbered Lists as needed.

To add a Bullet or Numbered List to a text box, simply select either a section of text or an entire text box. Then, click on the bullet or number list button in the Bullets section of the Properties Panel.


The Bullets section contains the following options and attributes:

Bullet List

  • Click this button to add a Bullet List to the selected portion of text or entire text box.

Numbered List

  • Click this button to add a Numbered List to the selected portion of text or entire text box.

Bullet Style

  • Clickable drop-down menu containing options for the style of bullets used.
  • Options will change depending on whether a Bullet List or Numbered List is applied.

Bullet Scale

  • Editable percentage to change the size of the bullet and list symbols.
  • Minimum value of 25%, Maximum value of 200%.

Automatic Bullet Color

  • Checkbox option, when enabled will apply the text color to the bullet color automatically.

Bullet Color

  • Only available if Automatic Bullet Color is disabled.
  • Clickable color picker to choose the color of the bullet or list symbols.

Numbered List Start At

  • Editable value to change the first numbered list symbol.
  • Minimum value of 0, Maximum Value of 100.

Numbered List Character Before and Character After

  • Editable fields that will set the character that appears before and after a numbered list symbol.
  • Can be enabled or disabled with the checkboxes next to each field.
  • Character Before is empty by default.
  • Character After is . by default.
  • Accepts any valid ASCII character.
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