Editor Tools: Textbox

To add a new Text Box to a slide in the Editor Console, simply click on the Text button at the top of the interface.

This will add a new text box to the slide, which can be repositioned and edited.

To begin adding new text, double-click on the text box to enter the text editing view.

Text can be modified in the Properties Panel as well as in the top Formatting Bar. Many of the options in these sections are the same and will affect text in the same way.

By default, when selecting a Text Box the Textbox Tab will be selected. This tab can be found under the Element tab in the Properties Panel.

  • Most attributes in the Properties Panel can be applied to either selected text in text edit mode, or to entire text boxes.

The following attributes of a Text Box can be changed here:

Font Family

  • Selectable drop-down menu containing available fonts.
  • Fonts are managed by each organization's CustomShow Administrator.

Font Size

  • Editable value to set the size of the text in the text box.
  • Minimum of 5, Maximum of 500.

Font Color

  • Selectable color picker, includes eye dropper tool to select colors used by other elements.

Font Style

  • Applies a separate font style to the selected text. Includes the following:
    • Bold
    • Italic
    • Underline
    • Strikethrough
    • All Caps
    • Superscript
    • Subscript

Line Spacing

  • Editable percentage value to set the distance between one line and another in the same paragraph.
  • Defaults to 120%
  • Minimum of 0%, Maximum of 500%.


  • Editable value to set the distance between one character and another.
  • Defaults to 0.
  • Minimum of -1, Maximum of 100.

Paragraph Alignment

  • Applies different alignment properties for paragraph alignment in the selected text box. Includes the following options:
    • Left Align
    • Center Align
    • Right Align
    • Justify

Indent & Outdent

  • Applies an Indent or an Outdent to the selected text
  • Can be used to add or remove levels of Bullet or Numbered Lists.


  • Left Margin and Right Margin values for paragraph formatting.
  • Left Margin Maximum of 100, Right Margin Maximum of 500.

First Line Indent

  • Editable value to set the distance between the beginning of a paragraph and the first line of text.
  • Maximum value of 100.

Space Before & Space After

  • Editable values to set the distance between one paragraph and another.
  • Space Before sets the distance from the selected paragraph and any previous paragraph in the text box.
  • Space After sets the distance from the selected paragraph and the next paragraph in the text box.

Text Box Formatting

  • Vertical Alignment options:
    • Top Aligned
    • Middle Aligned
    • Bottom Aligned
  • Padding Values set the distance between the outer edges of the text box and the bounding box of where the characters will display.

For information on bullets and lists, please see the Help Center Article on Bullets and Numbered Lists.

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