Editor Tools: Charts

Customizable charts can be added to CustomShow by clicking on the Chart button at the top of CustomShow's Editor Console.

There are five different types of charts to choose from. These chart styles can be changed at any time after the chart has been created:

After a chart is selected or added to a slide, the Element: Chart tab in the Properties Panel will be selected by default.

To edit a chart's data and colors, users can either double-click on the chart or click on Edit Data & Color in the Chart's Properties Panel.

This will display the Chart Data Editor dialog.

In this window, users can modify chart data and labels by clicking on any of the values displayed.

Series and Columns can be removed by hovering the mouse over one such series or column, and then clicking on the [X] button that appears.

There are additional options to further modify the chart's data:

  • Add Row
    • Adds an additional row to the bottom of the chart's data table.
  • Add Column
    • Adds an additional column to the end of the chart's data table.
  • Swap Rows and Columns
    • Swaps the rows' and columns' positions along with the data contained for each.

Charts can be further customized to fit a user's needs by changing the values and options in the Properties Panel.

Any Chart can be swapped with another chart style. Simply clicking on the Chart Icon next to Edit Data & Color to select a different chart style. All data will be preserved.

Chart Data can be imported via compatible .CSV (Comma Separated Value) files by clicking on the Import button.

Depending on the type of Chart, there will be a set of varying options to choose from.

All Charts contain the following Properties:

  • Chart Title & Style
  • Chart Legend & Style

Bar Charts contain the following options:

  • Multiple Series Style
  • Bar Width
  • Chart Shadow
  • Enable Data Rollovers
  • Data Labels & Style

Pie Charts contain the following options:

  • Rotation Amount
  • Chart Shadow
  • Enable Data Rollovers
  • Data Labels & Style
  • Number Format
  • Decimal Places
  • Append Symbol

Line Charts contain the following options:

  • Line Style
  • Data Point Style
  • Enable Data Rollovers
  • Chart Shadow

Line Graphs contain the following options:

  • Line Style
  • Multiple Series Style
  • Enable Data Rollovers

All Charts except for Pie Charts contain additional options for the X and Y Axis:

  • Y-Axis Title
  • Y-Axis Value Label
  • X-Axis Title
  • X-Axis Category Label
  • Additional Options
    • Options vary depending on Chart Style.
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