Editor Tools: Shapes

Shape elements can be added to slides in CustomShow's Editor Console. To do so, click on Shape at the top Button Bar in the Editor Console.

There are currently eight (8) types of shapes to choose from that can be added and modified.

Of these shapes, several allow for text to be inserted:

  • Square
  • Rounded Square
  • Triangle
  • Circle
  • Oval

To add text to any of the above shape elements, simply double-click on the shape to begin editing.

By default, when selecting a shape the Appearance tab in the Properties Panel will be selected.

To edit Text attributes for a compatible shape object, click on the Shape tab.

Please note that the Line, Arrow, and Double-Head Arrow Shapes do not have any editable properties in the Shape tab.

All Shapes can be modified in the Appearance tab.

  • For information on modifying element attributes, please see Appearance Tab.

There are several Shapes available to customize your presentation. Shapes can be accessed by clicking the Shape icon in the Toolbar, located on top of the canvas, within the Editor Console. Once added to a slide, each shape can be resized and customized.

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