Editing Media

CustomShow's Editor Console features a number of methods to edit and manipulate the appearance of content added to each presentation's slides.

  • Numerous properties can be changed in the Appearance Tab (See article for more details).

Standard editing tools, such as Resize, Rotate, and Crop are also available on the slide canvas itself.


To resize an element on a slide, simply click on the element to select it. Then, click and drag any of the dragging handles to resize the element as needed.

  • By default, image elements have a locked aspect ratio. To disable this when resizing, click on the Lock icon in the Size field in Properties.

Elements can also be resized by entering a numerical value in the Size field in Properties.

Restore Original Size will restore the element to its native size prior to any resizing attempts.


To rotate an element on a slide, click on the element to select it. Then, place the mouse cursor slightly offset over any of the dragging handles. This will change the resize mouse cursor to a rotating cursor.

Click and hold, then drag the mouse to rotate the element clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Elements can also be rotated by entering a numerical value in the Rotation field in Properties.

  • The value for Rotation can be set to a number between 0 and 360.


To crop an element on a slide, first select the element on the slide to crop.

Then, click on the Crop checkbox in the Properties panel. This will enable the Edit Crop button.

Click this button to begin the crop process.

This will change the appearance of the drag handles to a solid black. Click and drag the new Crop handles to begin setting the range of the crop on the element.

After positioning the crop handles as needed, click on Apply Crop in the Properties panel. This will apply the cropped selection to the element.

  • Disabling the Crop checkbox again will remove the cropping positions from the element.
  • The crop position can be changed at any time by clicking on Edit Crop again.
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