About the Editor

CustomShow's Editor Console features a suite of tools to allow users to design and manage new or existing presentation slides.

Any presentation that a user can open can also be edited. Within the Editor Console, users can add new media, text, charts, and more. Users are also able to manipulate the elements on each slide to design their presentations as they see fit.

Content can be imported directly onto slides, or users can access existing content from their presentation and media libraries to work with in the presentation.

The Editor Console is divided into several sections:

Slide Canvas


The Slide Canvas is the interactive workspace where users are able to add, modify, and manipulate each individual element on a slide to fit their needs.

The canvas is sized to fit the user's screen, and the resolution of each slide will be the selected size picked when creating the presentation originally.

Users can move, rotate, copy, paste, delete, and resize elements on the canvas. Not all options are available for all of the different types of elements that can be utilized in CustomShow.

Button Bar

The Button Bar contains shortcuts to several of the major features in the Editor Console.

The buttons in this panel perform mostly simple actions, such as creating a new slide. Users can also easily add new elements to their slides such as Shapes, Text Boxes, and Charts by clicking on the respective buttons.

For more information on some of the more detail oriented actions, please see their respective Help Center articles:


Format Bar

The Format Bar contains many editable properties that are specific to certain types of elements on slides.

Much of the values found in the Format Bar are specific to Text Boxes, such as Font Family, Font Size, and more.

These values can be changed in the Format Bar, or in the Properties Panel depending on the user's preference.

Properties Panel

The Properties Panel is a dynamic panel, that will change depending on the type of element that is currently selected.

By default, the Properties Panel will display information on the selected element under the Element tab.

Some properties in this panel will also be reflected in the Format Bar, depending on the changes made to the element.

Slide Navigator

The Slide Navigator displays a scrolling thumbnail view of every slide in the current presentation.

Users can navigate to other slides on command by clicking on a specific slide. Users can also user the arrow keys to navigate through the presentation when this panel is selected (by clicking on it once).

This panel can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the Arrow icon next to the Slides title.


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