Sending SlideShows

SlideShows in CustomShow are created to allow content to be viewed across the CustomShow platforms and to be viewed by recipients.


There are two methods to share SlideShows:

  1. Adding a Recipient

    • SlideShows can be shared by opening the SlideShow Console in CustomShow, selecting the SlideShow in question, and then clicking on the Add Recipient button in the SlideShow Tools panel.
    • Users can enter any email address.
      • Email Addresses used by existing users will be automatically completed.
    • Adding Recipients does not automatically provide the recipient with an email notification.
    • To send an email notification, enable Send Email Notification when entering a recipient's email address or name.
  2. Sending a SlideShow Link

    • SlideShows can be shared by providing the SlideShow Link to any recipient.
    • Each SlideShow has a unique link.
    • To find a SlideShow's link, select the SlideShow in the SlideShow Console. Then, click on the Link provided in the SlideShow Tools. The SlideShow link is positioned next to the Add Recipients button.
      • Clicking on the Link copies the Link to your computer's clipboard.
      • Attempting to Paste (Right-click: Paste) will paste this Link into a mail message, chat window, or browser.


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