SlideShow Metrics

SlideShow Metrics are tracked and created every time a SlideShow is viewed.

These metrics can be located in the SlideShow Console in CustomShow. Please see below for more information on how to view metrics for each individual viewing session.

SlideShow metrics include:

  • Total Viewers
  • Total Views
  • Last Viewed Date
  • Average Time spent Viewing
  • Average Slides Viewed
  • Graphical representation of date comparison for views

Metrics can only be accessed by the SlideShow's owner.

Metrics include two separate viewable filters, which can be accessed by clicking on the bubble icons in the SlideShow Tools area:

  • Activity
    • Display of overall SlideShow Metrics:
      • Total Viewers
      • Total Views
      • Last Viewed Date
      • Average Time Viewed
      • Average Slides Viewed
  • History
    • Grid display of individual viewing session (clickable) Metrics for each viewer:
      • Name of Viewer
      • Last Viewed Date
      • Time Spent Viewing
      • Slides Viewed

Additionally, CustomShow records information on each individual SlideShow viewing session. This means that SlideShow owners can examine an individual viewing session, which includes the following metrics:

  • SlideShow Name
  • Owner Name
  • Date Viewed
  • Viewing Length
  • Amount of Slides Viewed
  • Amount of Presentations Viewed
  • Amount of Time Viewing Per Slide

To view an individual viewing session, click on the History bubble to bring up the grid of sessions. Then, click on a selected session to generate the viewing report.



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