Setting: Auto Update SlideShow

Users have the ability to select how they would like changes to be published for their own SlideShows when working with slides created and published by Administrators.

By selecting the Don't Auto Update SlideShows option, users take control over the version of the SlideShow that they are working with.

Please exercise caution when selecting such an option, as a user must manually open and then publish these changes. The changes will not be automatically applied when an Administrator updates their associated content.

These options can be found in the Settings Console:

  • Let the Admin decide
    • Default setting.
    • Applies one of the two choices below, based on the choice of your company Administrator.
  • Don't Auto Update Slideshows
    • This option will cause CustomShow to display an icon over an affected unpublished slides where changes have occurred. Any changes made by an Administrator in a Library slide that affects a corresponding personal presentation will display such an icon:  un.png
    • By selecting this option, users must manually choose to Publish these changes to their own SlideShows. Changes made by Administrators in such a fashion will not automatically update those SlideShows.
  • Auto-Update SlideShows
    • This option will automatically have any Library slide published updates automatically update your SlideShow content that contain those Library slides.
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