A use case scenario of using the Desktop Viewer

EXAMPLE SCENARIO: Presenting Offline from iPAD (or DESKTOP VIEWER)

  • Ron works in Sales. Jane works in Marketing.
  • Jane creates a presentation in CustomShow.
  • Jane creates a SlideShow (from the SlideShow Console) with that presentation called “Sales Presentation”.
  • Jane shares the SlideShow with Ron by adding him as a Recipient.
  • Ron opens his iPad app and logs in while he is online. He keeps the “Keep me logged in” option checked.
  • In the iPad he sees the SlideShow “Sales Presentation” in his list.
  • He is informed to download it in order to view it. Ron does so as he is still online.
  • Ron presses View and see the SlideShow.
  • Ron closes his iPad and leaves to go home on the subway.
  • On the subway, Ron meets Jean Paul Agon and gets the opportunity to present, but Ron is offline.
  • Since Ron already downloaded the slideshow he simply opens the CustomShow iPad App, selects the SlideShow, and presses play.
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