About the Desktop Viewer

Why would someone need this:
The Desktop Viewer lets you view SlideShows published from CustomShow running on Mac or Windows. These SlideShows may also be shared via Web links. Here you can see your own SlideShows and also ones that were shared with you. This app also enables the user to present SlideShows online or offline from your Desktop.
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What is this:

  • The AIR Viewer is meant to be used by licensed CustomShow Users only. This is to ensure that clients do replace paid licenses of the CustomShow Desktop software with the AIR Viewer. The online Viewer will still be free and available to Guest users.
  • It is an Adobe Air App
    • We are at version 3.6 of Adobe Air
  • It lives on your Desktop
  • It can run off/on line
  • It plays Slideshows shared/created in CustomShow’s online application

How it works:

  • In order to use this desktop application you must be logged in with a CustomShow account (ie., your email and password)
    • Users must have the role “AIR Viewer” to authenticate the AIR Viewer App
  • To ensure that only licensed users have access to the AIR Viewer, the installer must be downloaded from an authenticated web page.
    • will have:
      • Require authentication to access
      • User account status: valid account, access to AIR Viewer
      • Request Account functionality for new users
      • Link to download AIR App
      • Installation instructions
      • Help documentation
  • A shortcut is provided (desktop/Start Menu/Dock) to let the user easily launch the Viewer App next time
  • On first launch, user is prompted to authenticate
  • Once logged in you have a list of slideshows that you have created and/or have been shared with you.
  • You are able to view them and present by simply pressing play
  • You may be requested to download updates to slideshows in order to receive the most current content - a user must click a button in order to do this
  • In order to first see the slideshow for the first time, the user must be online and download the slideshow to the viewer.
  • How do I receive updates to the app?
    • User may receive application update requests. Sometimes these are mandatory by CustomShow in order to properly use the ecosystem in its most effective way.
    • The user will be informed of this on start-up of the Desktop Viewer when an update is needed.
    • There are times when a user may skip this update.

When would a user need this:

  • Although everyone can use this Desktop Viewer, Sales people might find this most useful as it enables them to present to customs offline or online.
  • A user would start the Desktop Viewer, select a slideshow the want to present, and press play.

Where is this used:

  • This is meant to live on someones computer on their desktop

Current difficulties with previous ways of sharing

  • Large downloads and subsequently long download times
  • Connectivity issues with the CS6 FTP. Connection is a “one-time deal” where a connection is established and a download attempt goes through. If the connection is interrupted or dropped in this session, then CS6 returns an error message and the user must start the download from scratch.
  • Regular CS6 users must download Library Updates before viewing their “shared” presentations (that have been sent to them by the CS6 Admin)

Desktop Viewer helps

  • Smaller downloads, less file space used for presentations, and shorter download times
  • More user-friendly interface for downloading, viewing, and sharing presentations
  • In the event of connectivity problems, the Desktop Viewer is able to stop a download and return to the download where it left off previously
  • The Desktop Viewer establishes a connection to a CDN instead of a direct FTP connection. This gives the user and IT/IS more leeway in terms of network security.
  • The Desktop Viewer allows a user to add or remove a presentation to their system without requiring the user to work with any files on their computer directly. All of this is handled through the Desktop Viewer’s UI.

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Viewing a SlideShow in the Desktop Viewer

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