CustomShow Desktop Viewer: User Guide

The CustomShow Desktop Viewer application allows users to view SlideShows from their Desktop. These SlideShows must be created in the SlideShow Console. SlideShows shared from another user will also appear in the Desktop Viewer.

Installing the Desktop Viewer

Open the following link:

Click on the Install Now button


Downloading Adobe AIR & the Viewer

After clicking Install Now a prompt will be displayed.

Click Open.


Click Install

  • The default installation folders for Operating Systems are as follows:
    • Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
      • C:/Program Files (x86)/CustomShowViewerDesktop
    • Mac OS X
      • Mac HD: Applications


Click Continue

  • If the Start Application after Installation option is checked, the CustomShow Desktop Viewer will launch after this process completes.



CustomShow Desktop Viewer User Guide

Logging In

Enter your credentials for CustomShow.

  • If you have not registered for CustomShow, please read the following article on how to create an account and register:
  • If you do not know your Password, click Recover Password

Click Sign In



Retrieving SlideShows


After loading the available content, the CustomShow Desktop Viewer will display all available uploaded and shared SlideShows for the signed in user.

The CustomShow Desktop Viewer requires a SlideShow to be downloaded before it can be viewed Clicking on any available SlideShow will display the SlideShow’s thumbnail and the Download button will be enabled

  • Click on Download to begin retrieving a SlideShow to the application.

After a SlideShow completes the download process, the SlideShow Thumbnail will display a Play button.

Click on the thumbnail to Play the SlideShow in the Viewer.


Click on the Clear button to remove the SlideShow from the Desktop Viewer


As long as content has been downloaded to the application, the CustomShow Desktop Viewer does not require an Internet Connection to view SlideShows.

When the CustomShow Desktop Viewer is offline, the SlideShow List will display [OFFLINE] above the available SlideShows.



Viewing SlideShows

Clicking on Play for any available SlideShow will load the first slide in the SlideShow Viewer.

Click the navigational control to proceed forward, back, or select a slide in the presentation to view.


Clicking on the SlideShows button in the top-left will return to the SlideShow List.


Sharing SlideShows

It is also possible to Share a SlideShow with a recipient.

Click on Options in the top-right corner of the view and click on Share.


Enter an Email Address when prompted.

Click Submit to send out a notification Email to the Recipient that the specified SlideShow has been shared, and can be viewed in the link provided.


Updating the CustomShow Desktop Viewer

When a software update for the CustomShow Desktop Viewer is available, a prompt will be displayed when the application is launched to update the version.

Click Update Now to download the update immediately, or click Update Later to be prompted again for the update at a later time.


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