SlideShow AutoLoad

Any recipient of a SlideShow can automatically load a SlideShow directly, as long there is a change made to the SlideShow URL from the sender.

This step must be done manually, as there is no current user option to add the following string to a SlideShow URL:

  • &autoload=true

We basically just need to add this string to the end of any SlideShow URL.

Keep in mind that you will want to use the URL that gets created after you view a SlideShow. This is because we want to add a modifier to the string, which we can’t do without the format looking something like this…


As an example, the following SlideShow...

…would end up looking like this:


You can see then when clicking on the above link, the window that loads will simply display the SlideShow. Of course, this is still dependent on ensuring the Flash plugin is enabled and allowed within the browser window.

A simpler way to do this is to copy and paste the 6-character code from a SlideShow into the URL as a template, since the format of SlideShow URLs does not change.

  • code goes here&autoload=true

Regardless of how you might approach this, as long as you create a similar URL it will automatically launch the SlideShow without any prompts.

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