CustomShow Video Tutorials

Learn CustomShow in 20 Minutes

This six-part video playlist will guide users through an introduction to CustomShow's features, and how to use its basic capabilities to build, edit, and present content with our platform.

Individual Lesson videos can be found below.

► CustomShow Basics - Part 1: Introduction
► CustomShow Basics - Part 2: Application Interface
► CustomShow Basics - Part 3: Library
► CustomShow Basics - Part 4: PowerPoint Integration
► CustomShow Basics - Part 5: Editor
► CustomShow Basics - Part 6: SlideShows

► CustomShow Basics - Part 7: Media Library


CustomShow Basics - Part 1: Introduction

Welcome to CustomShow, Presentation Software that delivers the impact and engagement that drive real business results.


CustomShow Basics - Part 2: Application Interface

Learn how to navigate CustomShow, and locate the tools you will need to successfully create and deliver your presentations.


CustomShow Basics - Part 3: Library

Learn about the basic features found in the Library, your dashboard for managing, editing, and creating presentations based on existing or new designs. 


CustomShow Basics - Part 4: PowerPoint Integration

Learn about the integration between CustomShow PowerPoint, and how the features to Import or Export content will affect your presentations on both platforms.


CustomShow Basics - Part 5: Editor

Learn about working with the Editor, and the tools used to construct slides from templates, new slides, and existing slides. 


CustomShow Basics - Part 6: SlideShows

Learn how CustomShow allows users to create deliverable versions of their presentations, allowing for viewing on the web or in-person.

CustomShow Basics Supplement - Part 7: Media Library

Learn more about the Media Library in this supplemental lesson, and see how the CustomShow platform stores and organizes media content such as images and videos for use in presentations. 

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