Flash Player FAQ

  1. Why does CustomShow use Flash Player?
    CustomShow uses the Flash Player to deliver consistent, rich-media presentation experiences across multiple platforms. For all of the improvements in HTML5 over the last few years, only Flash Player delivers a consistent, rich-media experience, including video, animations and interactivity in all browsers and on the iPad (in our iPad App). Through the combination of Adobe’s Flash Player and AIR Framework, CustomShow is able to use the same codebase to consistently deliver mission-critical presentations across all the platforms our B2B clients use.

  2. What does Adobe’s announcement of stopping support of Flash Player in 2020 mean for CustomShow?
    We at CustomShow have been aware of the need to transition away from the Flash Player as the primary means of delivering browser-based presentations for several years. We have already begun our development planning to ensure a smooth and complete transition from the Flash Player to open web technologies and are continuing to move forward with those plans. What Adobe’s announcement has done is removed all of the uncertainty around when Adobe and the major browsers would stop supporting Flash Player.

    With a firmly established date for Flash Player’s End-of-Life, and with support and agreement for that date from all of the major browsers, CustomShow can move forward confidently with our transition development plan without worrying about any surprise announcements from Adobe or the major browsers.

    CustomShow is committed to continue to deliver the most impactful, reliable, and accessible presentation platform available. We chose Flash as our platform of choice almost a decade ago because it allowed us to deliver a premium presentation experience without compromise, and we will choose our next technology platform with the same criteria and the same goal - to deliver a premium presentation experience without compromises.

  3. Why is it safe for you to use use Flash Player with CustomShow?
    CustomShow’s use of the Flash Player is very different from usage in banner ads and other Web ads. The security concern with using Flash for Web advertising is that the Flash Player is constantly loading unknown ads from multiple sites without the user’s explicit knowledge or acceptance. This is what has driven Google and other browser and ad servers to limit or prevent the Flash Player from loading in those circumstances.

    CustomShow explicitly uses the Flash Player only to deliver presentations to users who have “opted in” to view the content and the presentations are always sent from a trusted source or contact. CustomShow Presentations are B2B communication tools, not B2C banner ads or pop-ups loading unbidden in users’ browsers. Since our Flash content is always loaded directly from our servers, and is clearly identified as coming from a trusted source, CustomShow doesn’t pose the security threat unknown Flash content loading in a browser can cause.

    We work closely with Adobe to ensure the latest and most secure version of the Flash Player is used by our users. We notified users of any critical updates to the Flash Player to make sure they’re protected. Software vulnerabilities are an unpleasant reality of the Internet today and every major software developer is constantly battling to keep their software secure in the face of new attacks and exploits. Just as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Oracle and Mozilla are constantly updating their software to close loopholes and protect vulnerabilities, Adobe constantly pushes updates to Flash Player to improve security and protect users.

  4. What is CustomShow’s Flash Player Security Management Policy?
    CustomShow works to balance the needs of user security with client infrastructure management to make sure we require the latest secure version of Flash Player without requiring IT departments to push out non-essential Flash Player or AIR updates. We notify users and IT departments of important updates to the Flash Player as they happen, but continue to support older secure versions. When critical security updates are released to address known exploits, however, we update both our notifications and requirements to ensure all our users are using the latest secure version of Flash Player and AIR.

  5. What are CustomShow’s Requirements for the “Recommended Secure Version” of Flash Player?
    CustomShow defines the Recommended Secure Version as the latest version of Flash Player and AIR for which there are no known active exploits or security flaws. CustomShow requires users to have installed the Recommended Secure Version of Flash Player and/or AIR to access and run the CustomShow App and Viewer applications. CustomShow notifies users if they are not running the latest version but does not require an immediate update unless their version is not at least the Recommended Secure Version.

    When CustomShow updates its Recommended Secure Version, a notification email will be sent out to all CustomShow Admins and IT staff to notify them of the new version requirements and timing of the policy change. Users will also be notified on login that the new Recommended Secure Version will change or has changed and they will be prompted to download the latest software update from Adobe or to contact their IT department for assistance.
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