Client Settings: Client Password Policy

Client Password Policy

CustomShow Administrators now have the option to apply Password Policy settings across all associated users.

Located in the Admin Console, Administrators can choose to enable various options to apply to all new passwords set by users within a CustomShow group.

Any passwords created for new accounts or password reset requests must adhere to the configuration settings put into place found in the client's Password Policy.


To begin changing the Client Password Policy configuration, Administrators can access the Admin Console and select the Client tab.

After selecting the client group in the listing that appears, selecting Configure Password Policy will display the settings available.


Within the Password Policy window, Administrators can choose to modify, enable, and disable password options applied to all associated user accounts.

The settings available are as follows:

  • Password Length
    • Minimum Required Characters for passwords. 4 Characters minimum by default.
  • Password Complexity
    • Enables or Disables specific complexity settings. 
  • Password Expiration
    • Enables Password Expiration setting, requiring users to create a new password after the specified number of days passes.
      • The time period for Password Expiration begins after a user successfully sets their password initially.
    • If applied, Passwords will expire according to the setting. CustomShow will then provide an email notification to the user, including a link allowing the user to set a new password.
  • Account Lockout
    • Enables Account Lockout setting, requiring users to successfully authenticate their account before a set number of failed authentication attempts.
    • If applied, a CustomShow account that reaches the failed authentication attempts will be locked, and the user must set a new password to access the account.
      • The user will be provided with an email from CustomShow, including a link allowing the user to set a new password.


Users can opt to change their password in the Settings Console, which will require any of the applied settings from the Client Password Policy.


When resetting a password, or applying login credentials for account setup, users will be provided with a list of requirements for passwords based on the Client Password Policy in place.


When Account Lockout settings are applied to the Client Password Policy, users may encounter a notification when reaching the set number of failed authentication attempts.

This will notify CustomShow to provide the user an automated message, prompting the user to reset their password before they are able to access their CustomShow account on any platform.


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